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Getting ready for Football homecoming 2004 Girls team is also ready.
Homecoming Alumni -  Kristin, Rachael, Ryan, Becca, Erik & Nancy Alli and Stacy in the Wishbone pyramid
Stacy and Jamie in the backbridge pyramid with help from Lindsay and Sarah Football and Basketball season for the women's team
The Otahks cheering on the team!

Stacy Schenk's back tuck basket

Double hitch pyramid wows the crowd!

Jamie and Lindsay in the double lib pyramid with tumblers

Captains T.J. and Lindsay                Jamie and Josh  

Amy and Steve                              Paul and Stacy

Co-Ed libs for player introductions

Josh and Stacy's diamond head with Sara and Amy

Starting lineups in the OVC tournament in Nashville

Alli and Nick                                          Ashley with Scott

David and Sara                                Meghan

Double hitch during a basketball timeout

The women's team doing a 3-1-1

Ready for action in Nashville
Josh, Paul, TJ, Steve, Nick, Scott and Nancy
Jamie, Lindsay, Stacy, Sara, Alli and Ashley


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