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Leading the football fans                                                           Ashley and Alli wow the crowd against Murray

Rachel flies a toe touch basket toss                       Anna's turn

Steph in the back bridge pyramid                                                   A Homecoming victory!

Homecoming Alumni Josh, Lindsay, TJ, Nancy, Megan          A basketball timeout.......       
Megan, Jamie and Stephanie

Player introductions prior to tip-off                                             Anna and Ben in a Liberty

A routine wows the Redhawk fans during a timeout

The 332 Pyramid during a timeout                    Anna and Rachel flyin high

Ben and Rachel - one handed lib and heel stretch

The flatback pyramid is always a crowd favorite! 

Captains Steve and Alli                        Ben and Anna                                             Ashley with Ray

Jeremy and Stacy                                Josh with Amy                                    Stephanie and Ben

Rachel and Ryan                             Candice with Gary