2007-2008   All-Girls Cheerleading Team

Congratulations to our new All-Girls cheer team!!!

Homecoming 2007
Front:  Brooke, Lindsay, Kenna, Roxi, Kristin, Regiere, Coach Stacy
Back:  Noelle, Kristen, Molly, Ashlie, Lauren, Ashlee, Kodie....................

Ground up inside heel stretch                                                    Working the crowd

Lifting Roxi to new heights!                                                                              Pre-game warm up - The Ladder Double Hitch Pyramid

Cheering for the Redhawks - Double Hitch                                                  and Flyover.

Molly's heel stretch with Ashlee Vaughn and Ashlie Beckman                  Roxi's front flip cradle

Kristen's X out full twist basket                                                                Leading the crowd in the 221 pyramid

Senior Ashlie Beckman with her mother, youngest sister and grandmother                            Senior Ashlee Vaughn with her dad.

Our last home basketball game.  Thanks for a great year!

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