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Southeast Missouri State Cheerleading Alumni

Tryouts 2011-12:


Tryouts will be April 16-17.  Alumni volunteers are always welcome.  Please let the coaches know if you plan on attending for planning purposes.  Thanks!


Homecoming 2011:


Save the date, this year's homecoming will be.....   Saturday, October 22, 2011


                        More details coming soon.............!




-We need your email address!!!!   We are currently updating our alumni email list, so if you have any contact info updates for yourself or any of your former teammates please email them to Roxi- roxi.brooks@yahoo.com.


 - With both squads working on the same budget, alumni donations are welcome to help us out at any time!  Donations are much appreciated and thank you to those of you who have helped us out in the past.   If you would like to make a donation please contact Roxi, thank you!



Homecoming Pictures :



Alumni at Homecoming 2009...... (back row) Kayla, Steve, Nancy, TJ, Stacy M, Ashley, Amy, Brittini, (middle) Sam, Chelcy, Alli, Anna, Stacy C, (front) Rachel and Steph



the girls at Homecoming 2009....... (back) Kenna, Brittini, Nancy, Alli, Ashley, Amy, Stacy, (front) Sam, Chelcy, Rachel, Steph



Alum 221                                                                                           Alli, Lindsay, Stacy M



                     Alli and Ray Heel Stretch......                                                  Alli's Arabesque


                                                         TJ and Stacy Moore, Lindsay and Jon Boggio




                  Former partners Lindsay and TJ kewpie.............................. and lib



                  Alli basing Chelcy!                           former coaches Nancy and Alli, and future cheerleaders Brooklyn and Sierra :)




             Stacy C, Sam, Chelcy, Rachel and Anna, enjoying the parade :)




                        Southeast Cheerleading Squad 1938-1942    


(left to right): Erma Dell Ashley, Unknown, Mary Ellen Botter, James LaRue, Manley Limbaugh, and Richard McCormick.



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