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About Us/Goals/Records
About Us:  

      The Southeast Missouri State University Cheerleaders support the athletic teams by promoting school spirit through high quality performances, and inspire athletic teams by creating an energizing and entertaining environment for the crowd. The Southeast Missouri State Cheerleaders also represent the university at a variety of alumni, community, and charitable events, and represent Southeast Athletics with pride and professionalism.  


-The cheerleading team is an integral part of Southeast Missouri State University athletics department.  

They cheer at all home football games, home men's and women's basketball games, tournament appearances, occasional volleyball games, and other appearances around campus and the community.


-The Southeast MO State Cheerleading Team has practice 2-3 times a week and workouts twice a week throughout the season.  We also have scheduled practices and games throughout the summer and over semester breaks.


-The university supplies the cheerleaders with work out facilities, academic resources, athletic trainers, official uniforms, warm-up jackets, megaphones, and poms.


-Scholarships are awarded to every cheerleader, ranging from $250 to over $1000, increasing with seniority on the squad.  Additional scholarship money can be awarded for out-of-state students, captains, and scholar-athletes.  




Team and personal goals are established in August for the upcoming football and basketball seasons.  Achievements expectations include:

1.  Attain a team GPA of 3.0 or higher;

2.  Inspire athletic teams by creating an energizing and entertaining environment for the crowd;

3.  Maintain high quality performances at all events;
4.  Increase outreach to Cape Girardeau and the southeast Missouri area to promote

     the university’s athletic teams;

5.  To represent Southeast Athletics with dignity, pride and professionalism at all times; and
6.  Have fun!





Most Valuable Cheerleaders- Lauren Bodenschatz, Ben Stallons, and Jessica Bueter

Scholar Athletes: Lauren Bodenschatz, Derrick Gluck, Steven Brownlee, Alli Job, Mollie Laramore, David Massey, Bri Pegg, Kodie Edmonds, Lauren Schaefer, Jessica Bueter, Hillary Craig, Allie Weber, Taylor Johnson, Taylor Morse, Kathryn Hermann, Lindsey Leathers


Most Valuable Cheerleaders - Amanda Hondel, Ben Stallons, and Megan Purcell

Scholar Athletes: Steve Brownlee, Patrick Shelton, Derrick Gluck, Amanda Hondel, Lauren Bodenschatz, Lauren Schaefer, Alli Job, Megan Purcell, Monica Carlson, Jessica Bueter,

Caitlyn Dunning,  Allie Weber

UCA Camp: Most Collegiate Award, 3rd Place UCA Camp Fight Song, 3rd Place UCA Camp Chant


Most Valuable Cheerleaders - Chelcy Holland, Ray Brownlee, and Kristen Smith

Scholar Athletes:   Lauren Bodenschatz, Rachel Bohrer, Cayla Bowen, Roxi (Piche) Brooks, Ray Brownlee, Monica Carlson, Allyssa Conroy, Kodie Edmonds, Nick Griggs, Paige Henson, Chelcy Holland, Amanda Hondel, Kenna Moats, Megan Purcell, Paige Rampley, Lauren Schaefer, Patrick Shelton, Alicia Sirtak, Kristen Smith, Ellen Walker


Most Valuable Cheerleaders - Rachel Rife and Ryan Shipp.
Scholar Athletes:  Kodie Edmonds 4.0, Lauren Bodenschatz 4.0, Lindsey Amick, Ray Brownlee, Scott Burle, Chelcy Holland, Amanda Hondel, Brooke Johnson, Kenna Moats, Josh Moore, Adam Peetz, Roxi Piche, Rachel Rife, Patrick Shelton, Kristen Smith, Lauren Straatmann, Ben Stricklin, Ashlee Vaughn.

2006-2007 Most Valuable Cheerleaders - Stacy Cummings and Steve Jolly.
UCA summer camp 1st place Newcomer Award.  2nd Place Division I Floor Cheer.  3rd Place Division 1 Sideline Chant.  
Scholar Athletes:  Kayla Armstrong, Kasey Cox, Kodie Edmonds, Chelsea Geimer, Chelcy Holland, Amanda Hondel, Brooke Johnson, Bethany Lutsky, Josh Moore, Anna Nenninger, Roxi Piche, Rachel Rife, Lauren Straatmann, Ashlee Vaughn.
2005-2006 Most Valuable Cheerleaders - Alli Sachs and Steve Jolly.
Scholar Athletes:  Alli Sachs, Ashley Williams, Stephanie Tracy, Amy Meyer, Rachel Rife, Anna Nenninger,  Ray Brownlee, Ryan Shipp, Josh Moore, Bethany Lutsky, Kodie Edmonds, Roxi Piche, Christina Willis,
2004-2005 Most Valuable Cheerleaders - Lindsey Smith and T.J. Moore.
Ten members named Scholar Athletes:  Lindsay Smith, T.J. Moore, Jamie Klotz, Alli Sachs, Josh Mesger, Stacy Schenk, Amy Meyer, Stephanie Tracy, Brittni Snidle
2003-2004 UCA Camp Champions - Sideline competition
UCA 2nd Place -  Fight song competition
Fourteen members named Scholar Athletes: Stephanie Hauk, Lindsay Smith, Jamie Klotz, Alli Sachs, Tifanie Person, Amber Warchol, Stacy Schenk, TJ Moore, Tony Dorsett, Megan Brown, Stacy Cummings, Amy Myer, Cassee Gibson, and Stephanie Tracy.  Congratulations!
Most Valuable Cheerleaders - Lindsay Smith and Rich Redoutey
2002-2003 Private camp.  No awards.
Eight members named Scholar Athletes: Rachael Pointer, Megan Dutton, Jamie Klotz, Lindsay Smith, Stephanie Hauk, Ashley Williams, T.J. Moore and Tony Dorsett.  Congratulations!
Most Valuable Cheerleaders - Rachael Pointer and Ben Hammond
2001-2002 Five members named Scholar Athletes: Rachael Pointer, Amy Plunk, Megan Dutton, Justin Barton, and Jeff Engebretson
Received bid for NCA National Championships
NCA Camp Champions - Fight Song Competition
NCA Camp - Most Collegiate Squad award
NCA All-American Cheerleader - Rachael Pointer
NCA Camp - Most Social Award
Most Valuable Cheerleaders - Rachael Pointer and Justin Barton
2000-2001 Eight members named Scholar Athletes including: Justin Barton, Jeff Burdett, Jeff Engebretson, Bethany Crews, Rachael Pointer, Amy Plunk, Marcy Unland, and Kristin DeJournett.
NCA Camp Champions - Fight Song Comp.
NCA 3rd Place - Spirit Routine Competition
Received bid for NCA National Championships
Most Valuable Cheerleaders - Jessica Grab and Tyrone Turner
1999-2000 UCA - 2nd place Camp Championships
Eight members named Scholar Athletes
1993 11th place at NCA National Championships
1992 Jennifer Sides and Dave Budson named NCA All American Collegiate Cheerleaders at National Cheerleaders Association summer camp.
1989 Received bid for UCA National Championships
1988 Received bid for UCA National Championships
1987 Received bid for UCA National Championships
1986 Received bid for UCA National Championships


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