Academic Advising Center

Harrison College of Business



Business credit for internships is not granted for internships completed before the student is formally admitted to their major and successfully completes a specified number of hours in their major.  The number of hours required in the major varies.  Students should consult with the appropriate department chairperson, as preapproval is required to receive internship credit.

Accounting, majors should contact the Department of Accounting in Dempster Hall 260 or 573.651.2121.

Economics and Finance majors should contact the Department of Economics and Finance in Dempster Hall 205 or 573.651.2181.

International Business majors should contact the International Business Programs office in Dempster Hall 201 or 573.651.5116.

Management, Marketing, and Organizational Administration majors should contact the Department of Management and Marketing in Dempster Hall 225 or 573.651.2924.

Prebusiness majors are not eligible for internship credit until declaring a degree seeking major and receiving approval from the appropriate department chairperson. 

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