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Request for Web Advising

If you are not currently enrolled in Southeast courses this semester, please call the HCB Advising Center at 573.651.5090 instead of submitting web advising.  Thank you.

Web advising is available as an alternative form of advising in lieu of an individual advising appointment for currently enrolled students assigned to the Harrison College of Business Advising Center who have completed 30 degree hours or more at Southeast with a minimum 2.25 overall grade point average, have previously met with an advisor in the HCB Advising Center, and understand degree requirements. However, web advising may be denied and an advising appointment required at the discretion of the advisor.

Students who do not meet the web advising requirements must contact the Center at (573) 651-5090 to schedule an advising appointment. Students who have been admitted to the College need to contact the assigned faculty advisor to schedule an advising appointment. Advisor information is listed in the portal.

Please allow 5 to 10 business days for a response after submitting this request.

IF you wish to take summer courses, please submit two separate web advising forms, one for summer and one for fall.  Thank you!

SPECIAL NOTICE: If you have an advising appointment scheduled, the appointment will be cancelled by submitting this form, as Web Advising is done in lieu of an appointment.

Major checklists are available at

Click here to see the Admission Progress Report for BSBA Degree (with admission requirements to business program)

You can access your degree audit worksheet and registration checklist in Degree Works to see remaining graduation requirements. 

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Place a check next to the courses you wish to enroll in for the upcoming semester. Pre-requisites are listed in ( ) next to each course.  Students must meet admission requirements to the Harrison College of Business to be eligible for 300-500 level business courses (prefix of AC, BA, BL, EC, FI, MG, MI, MK, or QM).  Admission requirements are at

Please do not submit this form without selecting courses.  Web advising requests received without courses selected will not be processed and will delay your advising and enrollment.

Core/Support Courses
(a grade of 'C' or better is required in each for all business majors; however, accounting majors must earn a grade of 'A' or 'B' in AC222)

 EN100 (after EN099 or TL110 or placement)  EN140 (after EN100)  MA134 (after MA102 or placement)  QM258 (after QM257)  AD101
 SC105  MG252 (after EN140)  BL255 (after 30 hours)  EC215 (after AD101 and MA134)  EC225 (after EC215)
 AC221 (after AD101, MA134, and 30 hours)  AC222 (after AC221)  QM257 (after AD101 and MA134 or students with catalog year prior to fall 2013 must have AD101 and MA139)  MK301 (after admission to business program)  MG301 (after admission to business program)
 MI375 (after admission to business program, MG301 and AD101)  FI361 (after admission to business program, AC221, AC222, EC215, and EC225)  QM352 (after admission to business program, QM258 or students with catalog year prior to fall 2013 take QM352 after QM257)  QM358 (after admission to business program and  QM352)  BA490 (after admission to business program and completion of all other core/support courses listed except for international course)
International Course (ONE course is required) (AC540 or short term trip is required of accounting majors)
 AC540 (after AC222)  EC580 (after EC225 and 90 hours)  FI540 (after FI361 and 90 hours)  MG560 (after MG301)  MK560 (after MK301)

University Studies (need one course per category)

SC105 will meet the oral expression requirement
EN140 will meet the written expression requirement
MA134 will meet the logical systems requirement
EC215 will meet the economics systems requirement

The list of choices for 100-200 level university studies courses is available at
The list of choices for IU/UI3XX courses is available at

Detailed courses descriptions are available in the University Studies Handbook at

 UI100  Artistic Expression  Literary Expression
 Behavioral Systems  Living Systems  Physical Systems
 Development of a Major Civilization  Political Systems  Social Systems
 UI3XX (45+ hours required) -- enter a course number
 UI3XXx (45+ hours required) -- enter a course number
 UI400 Business and Ethics (required of all business majors) (after 90 hours and completion of all 100-200 level university studies courses)

Are there any additional course(s) that you wish to enroll in that are not listed above?  Yes No
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Questions / Comments (NOTE: Please indicate if you have scheduled an advising appointment that needs to be cancelled.)