The first thing you need to do is to get a letter from the Office of Field Experiences, Scully 304, that says you are eligible to student teach in the semester you are planning to do so. The process that you should follow is:

1. Fill out the APPLICATION FOR STUDENT TEACHING - click HERE to access application.
2. If you are going on the 12-week/7-week option, you will need to make a list of 5 school districts at which you want to do your student teaching for the first 12-weeks. Since student teaching can often be an opportunity to showcase your skills for a future job offer, consider your list carefully.

3. Take your completed application, your up-to-date degree audit (Degree Works), and your list of schools to the Office of Field Experiences. N.B.
If there are any outstanding courses that you have not taken (or if have worked out special arrangements with your advisor to take prior to student teaching), you will need to have letters that certify that you have/will have completed all coursework before undertaking your student teaching. If you do not have this documentation, your application for student teaching will be held up and you may not be able to go abroad. Please make sure that all of your CL00's are either completed or that you are signed up for them prior to your student teaching semester.
4. Have the Office of Field Experiences give you two copies of the eligibility letter, one for yourself and one for Dr. Benton.
5. You may also attend a session on student teaching that is offered at the beginning of your Block III semester. 
6. Read through the Student Teaching Handbook as well, to make sure you have completed all requirements for student teaching.


Now that you have your letter of eligibility, you can proceed to the next step in the application process.


N.B. On this checklist, it states that the deadlines are January 30 and September 30. THESE DATES ARE INCORRECT. The new dates for application deadlines are now January 15 and September 15. Please make sure that all information that you will send to UNI has been: (1) pre-checked by Dr. Benton (at least by January 5/September 5), and (2) uploaded and sent 24 hours before the deadline date.

NON-UNI APPLICATION - Please specify THREE different countries - choose from among those listed on this website -


You will not need letters of recommendation. Instead, you will need to reference forms. See

CREATING A PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE - In order to apply for international student teaching, you will need a professional web site. You will need to construct your web site (if you do not already have one) during the Christmas/summer break, since this web stie will need to be in place for the January/September 15 deadlines.


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS  -  VERY IMPORTANT POINTS HERE! - Read carefully as you are developing your papers. One especially important point - "Your paperwork should describe why YOU will benefit from an out-of-state or international placement AND why the school will benefit from YOU completing your student teaching there."