What past participants have had to say about
international student teaching!


"I now have a much better understanding of Early Childhood Education. There are many strategies I will take back with me to the U.S., among them: center learning, language experience approach activities, and student-generated displays."

"I have learned the art of thinking on your feet, the ability to manage students who are all engaged in a multitude of different activities and the understanding of how to accept and work with cultural variations."

"The overall eight weeks were a success! I will definitely be using some of the reading strategies in my classroom and a few other things I have learned from my cooperating teacher!"


"Classrooms are more laid back than in America. The students are given lots of choices and are very seldom reprimanded."

"Their classrooms have more of a "family feeling" than our schools."

"The student body is diverse. I have 5 ESL students in one of my classes. A majority of the students are of Asian descent. I also have students from Malaysia, India, Africa, and Eastern Europe. SES varies widely in the school. No free lunches provided. SES has not been discussed with me directly, but issues that come from poverty, including not being in standard uniform, being late to class due to no transportation, not having food at lunch, are all indicative of low SES. It is very interesting to me to work with such a variety of students. In my past school experiences, I may have had one or two ESL students. I may have had one or two African American students. I feel like this experience will help me bridge gaps between not only just societies - mine and the Australian society - but also bridge communication gaps, differences in lives in general. I couldn't do that in southeast Missouri because most of those students grew up just like me and I need this experience to add variety to differentiated instruction that I will use in the future."


"I enjoyed living in the halls because it allowed me to meet lots of interesting people!"

"The students were great and made me feel at home!"

"Meeting the students from all over Europe and having them show me around, letting me tag along while they travel, and showing me what they love to do were wonderful experiences!"

"I am really going to miss this school. The students teachers put on a morning tea for the staff to say thank you. The librarian made me a Pavlova (a traditional dessert) so I could try it before I left."


"I would like to see more of the world because of this experience."

"This experience broadened my horizons and perspective of myself in the world."

"I now think more about how other cultures are affected by our actions."

"Was NEVER homesick and would LOVE to stay here!

"Living independently and traveling on your own were two incredibly HUGE growth experiences for me!"

"Being informed about the country's laws, general opinions, and people beforehand has helped me to have an intelligent conversation with the public. I enjoy when they ask me about the differences between schools in the states and schools in Australia."

"I can truly say that I hope this is not my last trip to New Zealand and I plan to come back. I would live to bring my family so that they can see what I have experienced."