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Every year, the chapter provides students with the following professional opportunities to enhance their educational competencies in global and international education:

Present and/or attend one or more of the following international education conferences:
Conferences such as the ones listed below, give students opportunities to network with educators from around the world. At the last International Education Conference at the University of Cincinnati there were educators from 41 countries! It is fascinating to find out how educators in other countries teach their children, to share with them some of the same kinds of issues and problems that you have, and to learn what they are doing to provide their children with an effective education.

The 5th International Education Conference
University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
October, 2001

WCCI International 10th Triennial World Conference
Madrid, Spain
Theme: "Pedagogy of Diversity: A Pathway Toward the Culture of Peace"
September 10-15, 2001
Host: Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia

WCCI Regional Conference
Nashville, Tennessee
October 23 - 25, 2003  

WCCI Regional Conference
San Francisco, California
October 15-17, 2005

Visit educational institutions, schools, and other agencies that work with global, international, and multicultural education issues:

St. Louis and Southern Illinois elementary and secondary schools with bi-lingual, global, and international education programs.

Native American schools, Amish schools.

Sponsor programs on campus with international students and faculty:

Panel discussions on education in other cultures
Celebration and recognition of important cultural events/holidays in other countries
Host Welsh, Irish, Dutch, and Spanish education exchange students and student teachers every year
Participate in International Week activities

Sponsor programs that provide students with ideas on multicultural education to use in the classroom:

    Make-and-take materials
    Interactive displays
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