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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join Southeast's WCCI Student Chapter?
WCCI International and its student affiliate organizations provide a unique role in professional education.  While there is an abundance of student chapters of professional educational organizations worldwide, none provide education students with the opportunities that WCCI does to network with educators on a global basis, to begin to develop comparative perspectives on academic issues, and to create a global consciousness about providing equality of educational opportunity to all citizens of the world. 

When you join WCCI here on campus, you automatically become a member of WCCI International, an organization of thousands of educators from around the globe with whom you can network and exchange ideas about education. As a member of WCCI, you will receive newsletters and a journal. In the newsletter, you will learn about projects going on around the world, and be able to contact educators with similar interests.

How will WCCI help me to prepare all students to live in a diverse world?
Southeast's WCCI student chapter gives its members many opportunities to develop multicultural education competencies through its chapter activities.  Students have opportunities to present workshops and sessions at one of the many conferences sponsored by WCCI International.  These professional conferences always have a mix of professors, educational professionals from schools and agencies, and graduate and undergraduate students from 30 or more countries.  The sessions that you attend provide interaction with these educators through small group conversations, social activities, and feedback on your own presentations.  Students who presented at this year's international education conference found that their views about education were not only respected by others, but also celebrated.  While connecting with students and professionals from other chapters around the world, you can also talk with education officials from various countries and UNESCO representatives who also take part in the sessions.

The chapter also provides students with hands-on activities that can be used in the classroom to provide a broader view of the world and other cultures.  Wider understanding of cultures is also available  through participation in International Week activities, panel discussions with international students and professors, and programs with focus on cultural information and activities.

Conferences that are coming up:
North American Chapter of WCCI, San Francisco, October 2005
WCCI International 12th World Conference - Philippines - August 2006
WCCI International 13th World Conference - Turkey - Summer 2008

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